Summer Quiet at the Studio

Lots of quilting going on these days in the Anarchy Studio and soon fall classes will be announced! Sign ups start in early August with classes filling up mostly in the first week. So if you want it, get it while it's hot! Soon as I have confirmed teaching dates I will post them here!

Hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC July.  Please "Like" the Studio page and the main D.A. page for  the freshest Anarchy info around.

Cowboys RULE

Hello to all my FANTASTIC students!.. I am thrilled to have had such a great class with you doing the ~Little Cowboy~ or Little Cowgirl Embroidery design.  As promised I have a BONUS for you.. this is another 5x7 In the hoop Applique design.  This one is much more complex due to all the trimming but I know you will enjoy the finished project.  In the file there will be a COWBOY and GIRL version. 

As a quick review

Hoop your stabilizer

Attach the item to be embroidered

Lay on the fashion fabric to cover the whole hooped area
Run the first step
Trim with hoop FLAT on the table
Return hoop to machine and run remaining steps. 

Happy Stitching and please check back here and join my FB page for updates on classes at both onsite and offsite locations!

Embroidery Software - BES Embroidery Lettering Software

BES Embroidery Lettering Software

Embroidery software is a personal choice with a lot of options on the market. I thought today I would tell you a bit about one that I will be teaching this month!  

For those who would like multiple monogramming options with a bit of design finesse on the side I am really happy to point you towards BES Embroidery Lettering software made by Brother.  You can think of this as the little sister program to full powered P. E. Design NEXT. This software is usable no matter what type of embroidery machine you have due to it's ability to save to common embroidery file types. It also has a price point that is about 1/3 of that of the big programs!

BES is a very comprehensive program that gives the power and tools used in the big-dog programs scaled back to something much more on useful for someone who is never going to want to digitize their own designs. 

The main competitor to BES is Monogram Wizard which while also a great program (I also own it) has some serious limitations when it comes to text sizing and adjusting density to meet the needs of unusual surfaces.  For those who do not want endless choice this can be a good thing but I found it a bit restrictive in some situations.

Monogramming and beautiful fonts are the mainstay of anyone who embroiders and BES gives me more of the control I want also with the ability to do some  select editing on the fly when I am not interested in taking the time to move over into my bigger programs.   

I will teaching BES classes this month at Chattanooga Sewing and would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the software and it's ability, just drop me a note!

Chef Weights- Embroidery Machine Magic for the Holidays

This CW is 4 years old and still used daily and yes that was my beer :)

 The Thanksgiving dishes are done, the leftovers are tucked away and it is time to start thinking about the holidays.  Lets think simple and meaningful this year with a gift that all the cooks in your life will appreciate. 

Chef Weights are made in the 5x7 embroidery machine frame and take less than 7 minutes each to make something just right and oh so usable for those who love nothing better than to spend either free time whipping up something delicious in the kitchen.

To be clear, all the sewing/assembling ( save slip stitching up the bottom) happens in the hoop.. making this a really fast and easy project!

With three designs in combination with all the fantastic fabrics on the market today what you can do with this simple gift is just about endless! A local charity used these as their gift-away for all the ladies who came to the cooking theme luncheon.. they were a HUGE hit.. I could not have been more thrilled that they used my designs to further their cause and you can feel free to do the same.

( On average with plastic pellet filling, fabric and ribbon these cost less than $1 each- really!)

The zipped file delivered via e-mail within 24 hours of ordering is packed full of design file types ( PES, EXP, DST, VIP, HUS), instructions (pdf) and a printable file that creates hang-tags for all your gift giving or small craft market needs.

Click CHEF WEIGHTS to be taken to my store front for more information and order details.

Washy Squashy Penguin Class

Oh I love this little face.. and better yet he is part of an adorable BathMitt that can be made in the hoop!

If you are looking for the sign up for the Washy Squashy Penguin class you will want to pop over to my storefront to sign up and pay. 

A Holiday Mother's Night Out

PLEASE NOTE - This event has been reformatted due to extensive obligations that make the time a problem for many.  Instead those who are able are invited to meet at Food Works (In Chattanooga) on Friday Night at 7pm to enjoy a meal in which we don't have to cut up someone else's food!

Chattanooga Moms mark your calendars for a  Mother's Night Out
  On  Friday December 2nd from 7-10pm

Can't wait to see you!

Needle Felting- DATE CHANGE

Well this took a bit --

Ready to learn about needle felting, play with pretty wool and hang out with some fun people? 

Wednesday November 2nd  9th  ( Please note date change) from 7-9pm 

New prices and options!

Come and bring your own wool and needles and learn with us
I can put a kit together with all you need to make an adorable little bird that will be part of a sweet nesting pincushion.

CLICK HERE for the original class listing with a couple more details

We need 4 people to make this class a go so sign up now!

CLICK HERE to sign up.

to make other arrangements please drop me a line here

This class is intended for adults but mature younger crafters are very welcome with parent participant.